Coaching & Consulting

“You don’t know, what you don’t know. So you can confidently go about your business, legal problems (or potential legal problems) need to be identified and de-mystified.”

Kate can help you understand your operating structure and external environment to ensure that your business is sustainable and you can leverage your stakeholder relationships (such as your business partners, suppliers, regulators and between directors and management).   

Kate can also triage your potential legal concerns because it is not always clear when you need advice, or what that advice should be. Having a good legal strategy can save you money and also make sure you hit the sweet spot between not maximising your potential and being too risky.    

Kate can offer one-on-one or workshop style legal coaching sessions from 2-hours. She offers to plan programmes for more complex legal skill building or relationship management. For example, Kate can help you understand your contracts, improve contracting processes and your capability to use them. This includes dealing with new clients or collaborating with contractors or other businesses.

Legal consulting is not a legal service. Kate Hesson and Hesson Consultancy Limited do not supply regulated legal services and a non solicitor-client relationship is created when you work with Kate.

“I want to empower businesses so they learn to identify key legal issues to focus on and build up their capability to manage them without making costly business mistakes." 


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